Sword of the Necromancer gets a physical retail release!

Grimorio of Games, JanduSoft and Tesura Games partner to release and distribute the physical edition of Sword of the Necromancer through physical retailers internationally. At the moment, the game will be distributed in several countries around Europe.
The game will come in two editions, Standard and Ultra Collectors, for Nintendo Switch or PS4 and including the latest DLC, this July.
These editions will be similar to the ones Kickstarter backers will get (although backers will get a little extra, and also will probably get their copy before, depending on shipping times).
If you didn’t pledge for a physical copy and want yours, you can preorder both the standard and collector’s edition at the Ultra Collectors site.
With this announcement we also reveal the game’s boxart!
As you can see, it will be a rendition of the game’s title screen in the style of the illustrations made by our artist Séan-Lee.
We hope you like it!